Famatech – Silicone bellows, PVC bellows, Folded fabric bellows, PVC plasticization

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With an experience of over 10 year in waterjet cutting, Famatech team has proven to be a stable, reliable and trustworthy partner who wants to develop lasting commercial relationships based on respect and mutual benefit.

PVC – usage temperature up to max. 80°C;

Silicone – usage temperature up to max. 250°C;

PVC fabric – usage temperature up to max. 80°C;

Polyurethane fabric – usage temperature up to max. 180°C. For superior

For superior mechanical resistance, PVC or silicone bellows, can be reinforced on the inside with a fold of the fabric of polyester, Nomex or Kevlar.

On request, we can also manufacture special bellows, for the nuclear industry, technically certified, with special assembling: heated belt, special features for perfect sealing.

For all types of bellows, we have a stockpile of usual raw materials, in standard colors, and we are able to promptly respond to your requests.
For additional information our commercial office is available by e-mail: comercial@famatech.ro and telephone: +40 269/555 254.

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Str. Textiliștilor nr.17
555700 Tălmaciu
Jud. Sibiu
Tel. +40 269 555 254 | +40 755 010 971
Fax. +40 269 550 486
E-mail: comercial@famatech.ro

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