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MEFIN S.A. (Romania) is one of the largest manufacturers of diesel fuel injection pumps în the world, having manufactured and sold more than 3 million complete pumps and more than 100 million associated spare parts.

Our products reach more than 15,000 service workshops located în 78 countries on 6 continents. Every year we manufacture and sell more than 1.000.000 complete pumps and spare parts from our facilities în Romania.

Our traditional products are Lucas CAV / Delphi DPA and Bosch In-Line Size A pumps, which are MANUFACTURED UNDER ORIGINAL LICENSES FROM LUCAS / DELPHI AND BOSCH. We have more than 150 pumps and more than 10 million spare part reference numbers în production.

We have also expanded our product base to include Delphi DPS and DP200/210 heads & rotors, cam rings and other spare parts, as well as a wide line of Bosch parts, including VE heads & rotors, and Stanadyne heads & rotors.

We are also producing COMPLETE BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT PUMPS for Stanadyne DB2/DB4, Delphi DP200/210 and Bosch VA, at prices less than 50% of the original pumps. We have sold more than 10.000 such pumps în the past 5 years all over the world.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED în ROMANIA, în our 100.000 square meters, vertically-integrated facility, from steel and raw materials purchased only from Western Europe (Germany, England and France) and under the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system. We have our own foundry, forge, heat treatment and metal plating facilities, în addition to more than 1.000 machines.

Even though our products are mostly geared at the agricultural and industrial sectors, we are now entering the truck / car segment as well.

More information can be found on our website: www.mefin.ro.

Our products are widely-known for their extremely high quality.

Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Calea București nr. 5, Sinaia, Jud. Prahova

Tel: +40 244 307 000

Fax: +40 244 307 086

E‐mail: mefin@mefin.ro

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