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Our machining department has contributed significantly to the production process of IRUM machines for over 65 years: from gears to pinions, a large part of the parts for our TAFs are produced here, on our own machines. Also, using our experience in the field, we have the possibility to produce a wide range of mechanically processed parts to order, according to the customer’s specifications.

The main parts produced by our department are both revolution parts such as: pinions, toothed wheels, chain wheels, axles, worm-wheel gear up to module 10, as well as housing: winch housing, chain housing, differential housing and others. According to the customer’s requirements, we can carry out any kind of processing by chipping (up to dimensions Φ1000mm, length 4000mm). Also, given the scale at which we work, an important advantage over the competition is our ability to handle much larger pieces than a workshop normal.

The IRUM mechanical processing sector has modern equipment and consists of both classic machines and CNC machines, the high-performance machines along with processing specialists ensuring an optimal level of quality with maximum efficiency.

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