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The foundry within our company is the basis of the production of IRUM machines: all the steel, cast iron and bronze parts used in TAF, IFRON or Funicular construction have been produced here for more than 60 years. At the same time, using our experience, we have the ability to perform a varied range of works in the field according to the needs and specifications of the beneficiary.

We can mention some of the main products: brake drums, brake discs, wheel hubs, transmission housings, reducer housings, distribution housings, differential housings, clutch housings, actuation levers, bushings, cable clamps, brake shoes, worm wheel shoe support, bearing caps, flanges, excavator bucket teeth, etc.

Based on the vast experience in the field, as well as on skilled engineers and workers, the IRUM Foundry produces a varied range of cast iron, steel, medium and high alloy cast iron, medium and high alloy steel, cast iron with modular profile, made by manual or mechanized training, all according to the client’s requirements. (For manual training, the maximum weight is 750 kg, and for mechanized training, 100 kg.)

In addition to the experience of the company and our workforce, the modern technical equipment is another asset of the IRUM Foundry, all the operations performed are carried out with maximum efficiency and quality:

  • Prepare forming mix: EIRICH type mixes automatically
  • Mechanized forming with HVS-2 forming machines
  • Elaboration of alloys with a 750 kg INDUCTOTERM melting furnace
  • Execution of cores manually or by firing with a LAEMPE LL20 type machine (unique in Romania)


  • EN GJL 20-30 / DIN GG20-30
  • EN GJS 40-70 / DIN GGG40-70


  • sandblasting installations with a reversible belt with a capacity of 1t/set
  • CAPRI 12/16 type sandblasting plant – OMSG production – Y chamber with maximum load 1t/hook, maximum dimensions of the part 1,200 x 1,600 mm;
  • checking and adjusting the chemical composition for the THERMO ARL optical spectrometer series
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Str. Axente Sever, Nr. 6, 545300, Reghin, jud. Mureș, România
Telefon: +40 365 450 001, Fax: +40 377 101 431
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