IRUM – Metal coatings

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Irum’s metal coating workshop has been part of the production process of IRUM machines since the beginning: most parts are galvanized with zinc for corrosion protection or for decorative purposes, while hydraulic components are hard chromed to increase wear resistance .

Thanks to our experience and our qualified and competent staff, our galvanizing workshop can perform galvanizing works on steel and cast iron parts, according to the customer’s specifications.

In addition to our qualified staff and experience in the field, the workshop equipment is modern, including parameter adjustment systems, the result being excellent quality and an extremely efficient production process.

After modernization, the workshop complies with RoHS standards.



Hard chrome plating line:

  • 12V/2000A rectifier
  • chrome bath of 2000 liters
  • maximum dimensions of the piece: 1000x1100x270 mm
  • layer thickness: 5-100 μm (microns)

Galvanizing line with alkaline zinc (support or drum):

  • 12V/1000A rectifier
  • galvanizing bath with zinc of 4000 liters
  • maximum dimensions: 1100x700x400 mm
  • minimum size for drum: 3 mm
  • layer thickness: 9 – 15 μm
  • white (blue) trivalent chrome layer
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