IRUM – Thermal treatments

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Our heat treatment department has been part of the production process of IRUM machines since the beginning: the treatment of various parts, from screws to spacer rings, has been done here for more than 65 years. Also, our experience in the field allows us to carry out a varied range of similar works to order, according to the client’s requirements.

Our main activity is the surface treatment of parts such as: pinions, planetary axes, conical groups, bolts, wear bushings, bolts, screws, spacer rings. At the same time, according to the beneficiary’s needs, cementing heat treatments can be performed on any type of part made of carbon steel or alloy steel for cementing, as well as tempering followed by low, medium or high tempering on parts made of quality carbon steel, mild steel and medium alloy as well as gray or nodular cast iron.

In addition to our experience in the field and the trained staff, our main advantage over the competition is the modern equipment of the department: the machines are provided with the latest generation equipment for monitoring and adjusting work parameters. All this results in an optimal quality level, as well as the efficiency of the production process, our services meeting even the most demanding requirements.



Carburizing furnace with a capacity of 350 kg
Washing machine with a capacity of 350 kg
Baking oven up to 600°C
ENDO atmosphere generator for protection or carburization

Se pot efectua operatii de:

  • carburizing at a temperature of 900 – 980°C
  • hardening
  • washing parts after the operation of tempering, carburizing
  • recovery heat treatment

Installation CIF

  • power 100 kW
  • frequency 10 kHz
  • maximum dimensions of the piece: Ø 100 mm x 1000 mm
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