POP INDUSTRY – Agricultural Trailer Repo-AGRI – RaPA 4521/50

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POP INDUSTRY SRL is an authorized company dedicated to the production and marketing of agricultural trailers. The company supports the development of Romanian agriculture by providing a comprehensive range of agricultural trailers.

The REPO – AGRI trailers, manufactured by POP INDUSTRY, have a solid construction, characteristic for use in unpaved road conditions, specific to the agricultural sector.

The structure is rigid, torsionally stiff, reinforced, with longitudinal and transverse profiles. The whole structure has a high quality corrosion protection, which allows for long-lasting use.


  • Double-axle trailer, with steered front axle
  • The shutters are profiled, with a high durability, thus guaranteeing long-lasting use of the trailer
  • Rigid, torsion-resistant, reinforced structure with longitudinal and transverse profiles
  • Anti-corrosion protected structure
  • Hydraulic tipping system – three-sided
  • Approved for use on public roads
  • Load capacity: 4mc – 10mc;
  • Useful dimensions: 3000mm-5000mm x 1900mm-2250mm x 500mm-800mm;
  • Own mass: 2000 kg – 2700 kg;
  • Maximum Allowable Mass: 4500 kg – 17 000 kg;
  • Payload: 3000 kg – 14000 kg;
  • 3-sided tipping system;
  • Double circuit pneumatic braking system;
  • Tyres type 9.00 – 16 14 PR MT3 128/A6;
  • Maximum design speed: 30 km/h;
  • Tool box;
  • Lighting/signalling system in accordance with current regulations;
  • Coupling system for second trailer;
  • Rear pneumatic quick couplers;
  • Spare wheel with support;

Optional Features:

  • Skeleton tarpaulin + tarpaulin
  • Tarpaulin at shutter level
  • Overhang from shutters or mesh

The trailer comes with:

  • C.I.V. – Vehicle Identification Card
  • C.O.C. – Certificate of Conformity
  • Instructions for use
  • Service booklet and guarantees
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Strada Cireasov, nr. 34; Slatina, jud. Olt
Tel.: +40 249 438.087; Fax: +40 249 431.966
office@popind.ro; www.popind.ro

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