Burdufuri din silicon, PVC, din pânză pliată, plastifiere
mai 6, 2021
Debitare cu jet de apă
mai 6, 2021



Suppleness is our force!


Silicone bellows
PVC bellows
Folded fabric bellows
PVC plasticization


Faster, more flexible,
closer to customers expectations!

With an experience of over 10 year in waterjet cutting, Famatech team has proven to be a stable, reliable and trustworthy partner who wants to develop lasting commercial relationships based on respect and mutual benefit.

PVC - usage temperature up to max. 80°C;

Silicone - usage temperature up to max. 250°C;

PVC fabric - usage temperature up to max. 80°C;

Polyurethane fabric - usage temperature up to max. 180°C. For superior

For superior mechanical resistance, PVC or silicone bellows, can be reinforced on the inside with a fold of the fabric of polyester, Nomex or Kevlar.

On request, we can also manufacture special bellows, for the nuclear industry, technically certified, with special assembling: heated belt, special features for perfect sealing.

For all types of bellows, we have a stockpile of usual raw materials, in standard colors, and we are able to promptly respond to your requests.
For additional information our commercial office is available by e-mail: comercial@famatech.ro and telephone: +40 269/555 254.